Racial Unity

Scott Shepherd

Scott Shepherd Is On A Mission For Racial Reconciliation!

Scott Shepherd has come full circle and the journey has been a long one. Today he is "Taking Action" and working for Racial Reconciliation! Scott Shepherd speaks out as a former one time racist! 


Scott has made it his mission to "Speak Up" about  his life as a racist and carry his message to others, through speaking and education. With  hopes of putting an end to racism! 


From a life that has evolved from being a High Ranking Member of  The Ku Klux Klan and many other White Racist Organizations Scott Shepherd is now speaking out against racism and the racist organizations that he once  was an advocate for! 


 From a very early age as a teen Scott Shepherd was drawn into the racist movement and was active all across America. Scott Shepherd also appeared on several major TV Talk Shows and Radio Shows, openly promoting "White Rights"! He was also a Candidate for public office running on a "White Racialist Platform."  


He was a candidate for Governor of Tennessee also State Representative. Today he is speaking out against the same things that he once preached. Racism and Hatred once consumed his life.

After life experiences of many, Scott has turned his life around and now enjoys a life free of racism. He is talking to students and others, telling his amazing story of transformation. 

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Scott Shepherd Describes His Story In His Own Words! 

Scott Shepherd is available for speaking engagements to tell his story, in order to prevent others from following the same path as he did, that almost destroyed his life! Scott Shepherd is "Not" a professional speaker, but he has a true life story to tell that could be of great benefit to all people today!

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Scott Shepherd